Gab: We Are the Backbone of Free and Open Internet



What could possibly go wrong?

Troubles continue to pile up for Gab, the social media platform that pitches itself as the anti-politically correct alternative to Twitter.

Gab recently contracted with 2nd Amendment Processing, a little-known Michigan-based payment processing site. The site is urging people to sign up for its paid GabPro service, even as it blocks all new signups due to a wave of bot attacks.

Gab is best known for its refusal to moderate its content in any way, making it home to a toxic stew of racism, anti-Semitism, gore and misogyny. Many prominent white nationalists maintain Gab accounts, and neo-Nazi terrorist organization Atomwaffen has tried to recruit members on the site.

In an unsigned statement over the weekend, Gab praised 2nd Amendment Processing for working with companies who have “difficulty securing payment processing services for political reasons.”

“Companies like our own, like our DNS hosting provider, and our new payment processor, 2nd Amendment Processing, recognize both the danger of kowtowing to online mobs and the significant upside potential of serving as the backbone of the free and open Internet,” the statement read.

– Allegra Kirkland for Talking Points Memo, Gab Links Up with Fringe Gun Rights Sight

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