Maryland Moms Demand Action: We Must Ban ‘Ghost Gun’ Build Kits


courtesy MALC Institute

In today’s edition of “Are you paying attention, AR builders?”…

Women in red T-shirts, some carrying young children, fanned out across the Maryland State House complex to press lawmakers to pass a series of bills that would make it more difficult to obtain guns. They advocated for a ban on 3D printed guns and guns assembled from kits known as “ghost guns” and for requiring background checks on private purchases of shotguns and rifles.

“ ‘Thoughts and prayers’ are nice but they’re not enough,” said Sen. Susan Lee, a Montgomery County Democrat, referring to a sentiment often expressed toward victims after mass shootings. She was one of several lawmakers who spoke at a boisterous rally of Moms Demand Action members.

Sen. Will Smith, also a Montgomery Democrat, said Maryland has done a lot on gun control — banning assault weapons, banning bump stocks, creating a “red flag” law to remove guns in some emergency situations — but could do more.

Lee called them “no-brainer gun safety laws.”

– Pamela Wood for the Baltimore Sun, Gun Control Advocates Push to Ban Build-Your-Own-Guns

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