SHOT Show: Sometimes Those Little Booths Have Interesting Items…Northridge International


Luis Valdes for TTAG

While walking the halls of SHOT Show, we came across a little booth tucked away on the bottom floor named Northridge International Inc. Staffed by an elderly couple, they weren’t as energetic as the folks at most of the other booths. And they did have something that caught my eye.

Brand new charger clips for the Swiss K31 straight pull rifle.

Courtesy A. Valdes

Why is that so interesting? Because the original charger clips for the K31 were made of wax-coated pressed cardboard. They were intended to be one-use items and thrown away.

Well, as we all know when it comes to anything military surplus related, that isn’t the general case for the active collector/shooter. But these little polymer charger clips sure look good. Priced at $24.95 for two, they were nice enough to give me two to try out when I get back home after the show.

Courtesy A. Valdes

Apparently, the fine folks at Northridge scour the globe for new-condition surplus goods. Like getting a batch of the factory original Guardia Civil leather holsters for the Star BM pistols being sold as surplus at the moment.

Courtesy A. Valdes

They had also various bayonets, mags, and parts on display. I think I just found a source for some hard to get C&R parts.

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