NEW CrossBreed G43X Holsters


courtesy Crossbreed

If you’re one of the many people interested in the latest offerings from Glock, don’t forget, you need a holster, too. With that in mind CrossBreed is offering a new line of G43X holsters:

For those favoring IWB carry, CrossBreed® Holsters offers the SuperTuck®, MiniTuck®, Freedom Carry®, Appendix Carry®, and Mini Appendix Carry® for the G43X. Compatible OWB holster models include the SuperSlide®, SnapSlide®, and DropSlide®. The crossover-style holster The Reckoning®, which can be configured for either IWB or OWB carry, is also available.

And if you need something a bit different for storage or unique carry CrossBreed has you covered:

In addition to these and other on-body carry holsters already available for the GLOCK G43X release, CrossBreed® Holsters offers additional holstering solutions and accessories designed specifically for this much-anticipated handgun. These include the Purse Defender holsters and mag carriers, Modular Belly Band holsters and mag carriers, Ohai/Bedside holster and mag carrier for the bedroom, and Pac Mat and Mini Pac Mat holsters and mag carrier for concealed carry inside daypacks and gear bags.

Remember, having a good holster is vital to your self-defense success, so choose wisely. Holsters can be viewed on CrossBreed’s website here.

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