Condor Pouch Carry, Plus: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Michael in Idaho sent this in as his pocket dump, saying “Here is what I have on hand daily. I’ll also have an IFAK in my backpack that I carry with me. In my vehicle I carry a STOMP bag along with water and other supplies that vary depending on the weather or time of year.”

Now…this is a bit more than a pocket dump. The GLOCK 26 and Kydex holster suggest concealment while the packed pouch and additional items suggest a hefty load-out for daily carry.

Do any of you guys carry a pouch or pack full of various items on a daily basis? (Just curious, I don’t even carry a purse.) If you do carry a pack of some sort what do you have in it that isn’t already in a pocket or carried on your belt?

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