Karpacs: The Gun Culture Plaguing America Hides Behind an Archaic Document


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This might read like talking points copied and pasted straight from a Moms Demand Action email blast or a Feinstein Senate floor speech, but there are a lot of people — people who vote — who are pushing their representatives this way.

Guns. We must address legislatively the gun culture plaguing and spawning violence in our society.

We want legislation at the federal and state levels to eliminate bump stocks, require universal background checks and ban assault weapons, now.

We will march, protest and badger if they refuse to help our city’s elected leaders with commonsense gun reform. Our representatives have been duly elected by us to represent us, not the National Rifle Association. Will they refuse to act by hiding behind an archaic document, by referencing the state and federal constitutions, respectively?

– George Karpacs in a letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gun Laws Need to Change in 2019

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