Esquire: The Future For Schools in the US is Guns and Fear


courtesy Sputnik International

The Parkland commission studied the aftermath of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and voted 13-1 to recommend arming teachers and administrators. Esquire’s Jack Holmes thinks that will only lead to chaos and fear.

Your child should have to pass through numerous highly secure checkpoints to get to algebra class. They should be aware, constantly, that they are at risk of horrific injury or death while studying. There is no room, anymore, for schools to be a calm and nurturing environment that helps children grow into the greatest version of themselves. This is about survival, and the only solution is more guns. Sure, other countries have mentally ill people and a tiny fraction of the gun deaths. But they aren’t free. Freedom is having 57 times as many school shootings.

So kids should know that, if all else fails, there’s something to fall back on. At all times—every second of every day—there is a deadly weapon in their teacher’s desk. The teacher should have to pass a background check (not a requirement for all gun sales) and undergo strict training (almost never a requirement for civilians to own a gun).

– Jack Holmes for Esquire, Fox News and the NRA’s Vision for American Schools is Guns and Fear

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