California, Where Gun Owners are Criminals Until Proven Innocent



California has a slew of new gun laws going into effect in 2019 including cracking down more tightly on ammunition purchases. If you live in the Golden State now is the time to stock up on ammo, before July of 2019 arrives.

Another, passed by California voters in 2016 and going into effect in July 2019, will mandate background checks for the purchase of ammunition. Besides sending gun enthusiasts into a frenzy to buy ammunition, the new law will mean a lot paperwork, Curtis said.

“I can only imagine the amount of paperwork and stress it’s going to be on the ammo coming in and out,” Curtis said. “The paperwork’s already ridiculous — we do the exact same paperwork as every other state, but then we have to do our own additional paperwork (for the state) as well.”

A background check costs around $35, but it also entails forms and paperwork, and, most crucially, time. Even though the state can quickly determine if a background check runs clean, the wait time lasts around 10 days. Legislators call that a “cooling off” time — intended to make those looking to rashly purchase a firearm rethink their decisions.

“They make it sound like we’re all criminals until we’re proven innocent,” Curtis said.

– Shomik Mukherjee for Mercury News, New California Gun Laws Will Mean More Paperwork for Store Owners

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