Sun Sentinel: Parkland Officials Ignored 69 Mental Health Warnings


courtesy Straight Up Ventura County

For those who believe we have a gun problem, not a mental health care crisis, there is this little gem from the Sun Sentinel which is fast becoming my new favorite news source:

Cruz didn’t keep his homicidal urges quiet. But the schools incompetently handled the threat he represented to his fellow classmates and teachers.

Cruz’s lust for violence had been documented officially 69 times in his life. At least 30 people knew of his troubling behavior before the shooting.

Experts say threat assessments — recognizing troubling signs, assessing the student and acting on the risk — are one of the most effective ways to shut down potential shootings.

At Stoneman Douglas High, Principal Ty Thompson was not involved in threat assessments. Assistant Principal Jeff Morford performed his first one ever on Cruz, couldn’t remember any details, and ignored warnings about the potential danger of Cruz, the MSD Commission found.

– Brittany Wallman, Scott Travis, and Megan O’Matz for Sun Sentinel, What’s Being Done to Stop Another School Shooting?

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