Another Day, Another NFA Annoyance


While I’ve been out of town visiting family, TTAG’s Chris has been taking care of my very large and intimidating dogs. Which are definitely not actually a pair of 22-pound cats who sleep an hour per pound per day. Anyway . . .

Yesterday Chris needed something that I had stuffed in my safe prior to leaving. I wanted him to get in there and take it (as shamefully, ridiculously messy as the inside of my safe is) and was about to call him with the combination. Then we realized that just wouldn’t do.

You see, inside my safe are all manner of NFA-regulated and -registered items. Under the laws of our benevolent federal legislators, merely giving Chris the combination to the safe would put him in legal possession of everything therein.

Forget borrowing any of those items, let alone so much as touching them. Just having the opportunity to access the safe outside of my direct presence would have put Chris in illegal possession of an NFA item. Well, items.

That, as you may know, is a 10-year federal prison sentence sort of a felony. For him? For me? For both of us? One thing I know for sure is that neither of us are interested in that kind of BS.

So he remains without the combo. And without the item he needed as part of a TTAG review. But remains free. So much freedom.

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