Micro 9 Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Kenny in Ohio uses a Kimber Micro 9 as his daily carry. He says it’s what he considers his “work” carry rather than “dress” carry. Back when the Micro 9 was brand new I reviewed it and found it to be a reliable little gun. However, because it’s a micro and only 6.1 inches long and 4.07 tall, it is a snappy little thing.

A 9mm pistol is certainly a better choice than .380 ACP for a main carry – come on, it is – but you do need to be able to keep it on target. Of all the Kimbers I’ve reviewed or owned over the years, which is quite a few, the Micro 9 stands out as one of the better-made, more reliable models. If you can tame that muzzle flip and practice with it, more power to you.

Anyone else carry a micro-sized 9mm rather than a compact?

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