Social Worker Renee Burgan: Gun Violence is Normalized


courtesy Herald Mail Media

A town meeting in Hagerstown, Maryland regarding guns and violence – because, let’s face it, there is no “gun violence” just violence with various tools – made one thing clear. Although people absolutely should band together they should also back legal gun owners and legit self-defense method. Ever hear of fighting back?

“Everybody has the right to live in a safe community,” said [Renee] Burgan, a social worker and a member of the community center’s board of directors. “… In this country, gun violence has become normalized. It doesn’t have to.”

“Violence creates violence,” said Hagerstown Police Chief Capt. Paul Kifer. He suggested that residents step outside their houses, getting to know their neighbors. It’s the first step in making a neighborhood safer for children, he said.

“No one here is alone,” [Burgan] said. “It’s important we come together as a community.”

– Sherry Greenfield for Herald Mail Media, Hagerstown Meeting Examines How to End Gun Violence

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