A GLOCK 43 and One Wipe Charlies: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


A GLOCK 43, a Benchmade folding knife, and a Nitecore light make up the heart of this daily carry pocket dump. The items in question belong to Sk150 of Oklahoma who says he is in law enforcement. He had this to say about his pocket dump “This is my off duty lite edc. Lite meaning the small compact G43” (spelling is his).

Then there’s the pack of One Wipe Charlies. Not entirely sure why they had to be included in this photo…those are “gentleman use wipes” also known as butt wipes. It isn’t often I’m surprised into actual silence, but here we are.

As for the gun…both mags have Taran Tactical +2 extensions, giving the shooter 8 rounds +1 rather than the standard 6 rounds +1. It also adds some bulk to the gun which makes it a bit more difficult to conceal, but certainly not impossible.

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