EDC Holster Selection: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Today’s pocket dump is more of a pack dump and comes from Nate in Kansas, who says “This is the Frame out of the DeepCover EDC System. This portion slides into a sleeve that then slides into nearly any bag that can carry a laptop. Instantly adding immense functionality with little to no impact on what you carry everyday.”

There’s definitely a certain appeal to carrying in a laptop bag. It would certainly conceal the actual contents effectively, but could you draw from it quickly enough? We’ve covered that before, though, so let’s move on.

The holsters typically pictured with this frame are soft models which always gives me pause. This time there’s even less to the holster. The M-TAC CCW Holster consists of a Velcro strap you wrap around the trigger guard and what appears to be a hook-and-loop strap to hold the gun in place. What do you guys think. Is this adequate protection for the trigger guard and sufficient retention overall?

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