Women Stop Burglary With a Pistol and a Camera – Defensive Gun Use of the Day


courtesy villages-news.com

Coming home to evidence of a break-in is your cue to dial 911 and leave the scene. But that isn’t what a Florida woman chose to do when she returned to find a broken window at her home in Belleview south of Ocala. Instead, she called her sister who grabbed a gun and drove over to lend a hand.

The women then ordered (42-year-old Christopher) Stone to come out of the house and took photos of him, the report says.

Thinking fast on his feet, Stone ginned up a story, claiming he had been chasing some one who stole his dirt bike (no one said it was a good story). Then he took off into some nearby woods.

A short time later, a sheriff’s K-9 dog apprehended Stone, who then told deputies that he was angry at another man who shot at him. He said he changed into camouflage clothing so that he wouldn’t be detected while pursuing the man, the report says.

The imaginative B&E man then came up with yet another tale.

Stone also told deputies that a brooch valued at $10 that was found in his pocket “must have fallen in when he was climbing over the victim’s property inside the laundry room.”

Cops found a pillow case full of jewelry Stone had dropped inside the home when they subsequently searched the place. He’ll have plenty of time to come up with another plausible explanation for that one as he cools his heels in the Marion County jail awaiting trial.

Just another successful defensive guns uses that require no shots fired. The kind that happen thousands of times a day in the US.

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