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Trump’s Campaign and RNC Launch Largest Election Integrity Program in History

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump | Credits: AP Photo

United States: The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) confirmed that they would be having in place an inspection team of over 100,000 lawyers and observers in the key swing states to observe and probably question the count of ballots this November.

According to Fox News, on Friday, the statement released in the morning stated that the Trump campaign and RNC boasted of the launch of “the most extensive and monumental election integrity program in the nation’s history.”

More about the launching of the program

As per the reports, the program is said to be an important part of the RNC calls its “commitment to ensuring transparency and fairness in the 2024 elections.”

RNC chair Michael Whatley said, “Election integrity is the foundation of our democracy,” and, “Through this unprecedented program, we are mobilizing lawyers and volunteers who are committed to preserving the sanctity of our elections.”

The Trump campaign and RNC say they will use their so-called tactic of “aggressive attorneys” to monitor machine voting, ballot collection, voting on election day, the processing of mail in ballots and unofficial audits, and recounting after election and that will all be done under the name of the law.

The press release announced that they would also have battleground state hotlines, which poll watchers and concerned voters can call to register any problems due to the elections.

As per the announcement, “Lawyers will guide poll watchers through the appropriate election code and provide clarity on how various issues should be answered, resolved or escalated,” and, “This system will be operational from the first day of early voting through election day – and afterward if necessary.”

Most states have rules in place for partisan monitoring at poll lines so that polling place intimidation and harassment voting can be prevented. Alongside this history, partisanship is permitted as well, but only to report incidents of issues that do not interfere with the election process, as Fox News reported.

Moreover, the campaign remarked the scrutiny of the election as the former president’s emphasis on election integrity. Additionally, for several years, Trump has expressed his opinion that he would have won again the election against Joe Biden but that there was a massive and planned vote fraud anyway.

In fact, he has been accused of a crime, where he appeared in two legal cases for his alleged attempts to sabotage and wipe out the previous election outcomes.

The ex-president and his cohorts maintained that Democrats would try to do away with using stolen identity cards for the 2024 election.

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