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Trump Outlines Bold Policy Changes for 2024 Presidential Bid

Former U.S. President Donald Trump

United States – Donald Trump, who has already made severe waves on immigration, seeks to deport millions of migrants, revolutionize international relations with costly taxes, and replace the government’s workforce with his cronies if he is re-elected in the November presidential election.

Here is a look at some of the policies Trump has pledged to institute:


Trump, a Republican nominee, has proposed the border tax adjustment, where a 10% or more tariff is placed on all products imported to the US He claims that this will reduce the trade deficit, however, this is considered by his opponents as a protectionism that will result in higher prices for Americans and fluctuations in the global economy, as reported by Reuters.

He has also stated that he should be able to unilaterally impose higher tariffs in countries that have imposed tariffs on American products. He has proposed to put a 200 percent tax on some of the imported automobiles.

He has specifically zeroed in on China. He suggests that over a four-year period, China should gradually withdraw from the international market in products like electronics, steel, and pharmaceuticals. He wants to stop Chinese companies from owning essential structures in the United States in the energy and technological arenas.

Trump would attempt to dismantle what the former president calls the ‘deep state,’ civil servants who he alleges are surreptitiously acting in their self-interest; this through an executive order that would redesignate thousands of employees in a bid to dismiss them. It is very probable that would be a subject for a trial. He declared that he is capable of firing what he considers corrupt individuals in national security and “clean out” his opponents politically.

In 2017, Trump indicated that he would make it obligatory for all federal employees to take a new civil service test of his making; however, his powers to do so are somewhat restricted in practice. Friends in Congress are also screening dozens of applicants who may be relied upon to enforce his policies, and Trump has indicated that they must hold the view that the 2020 election was rigged.

He would fire federal whistleblowers who, by law, have legal protection and establish a new entity to “oversee” the US intelligence agencies.


Mr. Trump has vowed occasionally to employ federal law enforcement bodies in probing opponents politically.

In that regard, Trump has threatened to use his executive powers to order the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic President Joe Biden, although he has not hitherto defined the basis of such an investigation. He stated that he is expecting a ruling on his own alleged principal immunity from the US Supreme Court to guide him.

He has also said the Justice Department would investigate district attorneys on new civil rights permutation, that is, there is a violation of the constitution by some district attorneys due to selective prosecution.

He has also stated he would dismiss a US attorney who refused to proceed his way, which would be a deviation from the traditional American tradition of the independence of federal law enforcement institutions.

Trump’s friends are plotting one that intends to undermine the Justice Department more significantly and stuff it with political loyalists.


Mr. Trump promises to boost the domestic production of oil and gas by extending approvals for drilling on the federal territory and promoting the construction of new pipelines for natural gas. He has stated he would extend the leasing of oil rigs in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

He has claimed that he will once again withdraw the US from the Paris climate change deal, which is an agreement to cut greenhouse emissions and favors nuclear energy. He would also overturn Biden’s executive orders concerning electric vehicles and other measures to curb automotive pollution.


In addition to his trade and energy policies, Trump has vowed to eliminate federal regulations that he deems job-killing. He has vowed to maintain a large 2017 tax reduction, which he signed when in office, and his economic advisers have talked over a second wave of individual and corporate tax reductions beyond those approved in his first two years.

Trump told that he will push for the bills to remove taxes on tips with the aim of helping the service workers. He also has said as president he would appoint people at the Federal Reserve that would be pressured to bring down interest rates.


Trump has promised to resume the measures implemented in his first term relating to the wall and crackdown of crossing the border il- legally, undo all Biden’s pro-immigrant policies and policies, and come up with other strict measures.

Trump has also stated that he will cut down on asylum seekers’ entries into the U.  S, especially through the Mexico border, and launch the biggest deportation campaign that has ever been seen in the United States of America, which the Democrats in Congress will fight in court.

He has announced that the National Guard would be used, and, if necessary, federal troops, for this purpose; he has also left open the question of the use of concentration camps for the detention of aliens who are to be deported.

Trump has stated that he will attempt to strip children of immigrants from birth right citizenship as this is against the policies accepted in the US constitution.


Trump nominated three justices to the U. S Supreme Court who helped override constitutional rights to abortion. He would again continue to nominate federal judges that would support restrictions on abortion.

But at the same time, he has come out saying that a federal ban on abortion is not needed and the matter should be decided by the states. He has claimed a six-week ban supported by some Republicans is extreme and that any law should have an exception allowing abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or to protect the mother’s life. He has also opposed an even stricter ban, which a court allowed in Arizona to be implemented.

However, Trump has stated that states, if they wish to, possibly they can regulate the pregnancies of women and punish them if they go through with the abortion beyond the allowed number of weeks.


Trump has even sworn to make colleges and universities demonstrate that they will “advance American values and Western culture” and rid colleges of diversity. He stated that the Justice Department under his administration will take on civil rights cases against schools that practice discrimination based on race.

On this level, Trump would endorse vouchers that would enable parents to take government funds and use the same in K-12 private or religious schools, as reported by Reuters.


Trump promises to rid America of human traffickers and drug dealers and will execute them. He stated that he does not believe the government figures that claim that the level of violence in the American cities is going down. He has expressed his intention of pardoning anyone who has been arrested in connection with violence that occurred in the United States Capitol on 6 January 2021.

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