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President Receives Strong Endorsement from Democratic Governors

Democratic governors in the US stand in support of Biden

United States – Governors from the Democratic party in New York, Minnesota, and Maryland on Wednesday stated that they would back Biden’s re-election bid after a frank conversation with him about his poor showing in last week’s debate.

‘The president has always had our backs,’ Maryland Governor Wes Moore said to reporters after a meeting with Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House with 24 Governors of Democratic states and the mayor of Washington DC, some participating virtually, as reported by Reuters.

Moore stated that the governors admitted to receiving feedback from their constituents conveying displeasure at Biden’s debated performance against his rival from the Republican party, Donald Trump. He told her there was definitely much to do before the November 5, 2012 election, but Biden had indicated he would not drop out of the race.

Biden Receives Backing from Democratic Leaders

“The president. . . . he is our nominee . The president is the leader of that party” Moore responded. Democratic leaders have been increasingly voicing opinions in the past few days that Biden, a 81-years old man, should withdraw his candidacy.

After the meeting, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said that she left the meeting feeling good and all the governors in the room assured Biden of their support. The president is ‘in it to win it,’ she said.

Concerns Addressed about Biden’s Performance

Minnesota Governor and the current chair of the Democratic Governors Association, Tim Walz, said that Biden’s debate performance was terrible, but he believed Biden was physically fit to undertake the presidency.

“Of course, we, like many Americans, are a little concerned,” Walz said, pointing out that the ‘Trump’ as a president is not just an option for America since the country survived the previous Trump administration with devastation and destruction.

About eleven of the state leaders were present during the meeting; however, only three of them granted interviews to journalists after the meeting.

Biden’s Commitment to Defeat Trump Reaffirmed

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who participated in person, posted his reaction on social platform X: “I heard three words from the President tonight — he’s all in. And so am I.”

Biden’s campaign stated that the President stood firmly about his commitment once again to confront the “existential threat of November 2020: Donald Trump” and further talked about the necessity of electing Democrats at every level, as reported by Reuters.

“All participants reiterated their shared commitment to do everything possible to make sure President Biden and Vice President Harris beat Donald Trump in November,” it said

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