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Judge to Decide on Restricting Ex-president’s Threatening Statements

Former U.S. President Donald Trump

United States – Trump’s aggressive rhetoric regarding the US federal investigators involved in the criminal probe into alleged mishandling of sensitive papers will be the focus of US prosecutors’ motion before a judge on Monday, The Independent says, as reported by Reuters.

This followed a recent demand by the special counsel, Jack Smith, who is presenting Trump’s case after the former dismissed a routine FBI use-of-force policy in effect during a 2022 raid of his Florida resort as authorizing the agents to try an assassination.

Prosecutors denounced it as ‘deceptive and inflammatory’ in the document they filed in federal court and stated that the claim puts the agents in “unjustified and unacceptable risks.”

Call for Restrictive Measures

Smith has written to the presiding judge, Aileen Cannon, to restrain Trump, the Republican candidate in the Nov. 5 election, from issuing statements that are perceived as a threat to law enforcement as he waits for a trial.

Trump has denied the accusations that he committed a crime in sending and retaining classified documentation when he ceased to be president in 2021, as well as in interfering with the attempt of the government to recover them. The criminal case is among the other issues that Trump faces as he attempts to reclaim the White House from Democratic incumbent Joe Biden.

Trump’s lawyers have asked Cannon, whom Trump appointed as a federal judge, to reject Smith’s bid, which they argue infringes on Trump’s First Amendment rights in the middle of the presidential election campaign. They also claimed that the prosecutors have never produced any evidence of threats that might have been made against the FBI.

Cannon rejected it on procedural grounds last year after discovering that the prosecutors had not sufficiently consulted Trump’s lawyers before filing it.

Gag Orders in Parallel Cases

In another federal case involving the former president, Trump was put under gag orders that reduced his ability to make public statements apart from objecting. This case is also overseen by Smith, who accused Trump of trying to repeat the 2020 election loss.

Trump has verbally threatened prosecutors, judges, and witnesses in legal processes against him by claiming that the U. S justice system is plotting against him to defeat his campaign.

FBI Search Controversy

Trump’s scolding regarding the FBI’s search of his Mar-a-Lago social club upped in the past month following the release of the FBI’s use-of-force policy alongside the records connected to the FBI operation.

The policy in question specified that FBI agents could not employ lethal force except when the life or physical integrity of the employee or any other person was in immediate danger. Initially, Trump was not in the club when the search was conducted.

False claims made by Trump of an attempted assassination made it to campaign fundraising emails and were supported by Trump’s senators.

Trump’s lawyers are also expected to go to court on Monday to fight against Smith’s investigation on the grounds that it is being conducted under improper funding.

Legal Battle Over Investigation’s Funding

After claiming that Smith was unlawfully appointed, Trump’s legal team on Friday called on Cannon to dismiss the charges. His lawyer insisted that Smith acted on his initiative and did not have permission to work with a high degree of autonomy that required approval from Congress, as reported by Reuters. The emphasis on Smith’s independence starkly contrasted with Trump’s recent allegations that it is a part of a Biden government’s attempt to sabotage his principal political rival’s election cam

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