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Hunter Biden Drops Lawsuit Against Giuliani and Costello

Hunter Biden Drops Lawsuit Against Giuliani and Costello

United States – Hunter Biden, the son of the current U. S. President Joe Biden, decided to dismiss the lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani and the ex-attorney Robert Costello, whom he accused of intrusive data based on materials allegedly stolen from his laptop, as the court documents stated on Thursday.

Allegations of Privacy Violation

Hunter Biden had claimed that Giuliani, who has served as a only personal lawyer to former president Donald Trump, and Costello were holding him accountable for the “total annihilation of his digital privacy” in the lawsuit he filed in September last year, as reported by Reuters.

On Thursday, lawyers for all the three parties submitted a document for a stipulation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that indicated that Hunter Biden had consented to dismiss the case.

The news of the agreement was first broken by NBC news, however as per the agreement, the consent of the U. S. District Judge Jessica Clarke would be required.

Hunter Biden was brought before the jury on Tuesday and was found guilty of the proscriptions of the unauthorized usage of drugs and the purchase of a firearm, thus making him the son of a former significant president of the United States to be convicted of a criminal act, as cited in Reuters.

Recent Conviction and Legal Troubles

This came after New York’s former mayor Giuliani filed for bankruptcy at the end of the previous year after being ordered to pay USD 148 million to two Georgian election workers that were falsely accused of voting fraud by him after Trump’s January 2020 presidential election loss.

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