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Grassroots Donors Propel Democratic Fundraising to New Heights

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden

United States: Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and the Democratic Party’s joint fund drive collected USD 264 million in the second quarter including USD 127 million in June and a record ‘grassroots’ fund drive on the day of Biden’s disastrous debate against Trump, according to his campaign.

Financial Strength Despite Debate Performance

Campaign officials said that the effort of the Democratic president to secure re-election has USD 240 million to its name in cash, as reported by Reuters.

It will be important for Biden to demonstrate fundraising prowess, as his campaign managers and some party cadres asked the president to step down following a disastrous debate performance.

His key supporters pressured Biden’s team with calls on Sunday and Monday with questions about whether the 81-year-old Democrat should remain in the presidential race after he performed poorly in the debate.

Thursday was the most successful day for fundraising from small donors of the campaign, and Friday, which was the day of the debate that went viral, caused panic in the Democratic party.

Unprecedented Grassroots Support

“Our Q2 fundraising haul is a testament to the committed and growing base of supporters standing firmly behind the President and Vice President and clear evidence that our voters understand the choice in this election between President Biden fighting for the American people and Donald Trump fighting for himself as a convicted felon,” Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement.

The campaign emphasized this figure, as 95 percent of donations in the second quarter were below USD 200, to prove that its funding came from small contributors across the country, not the mega-donors.

Fundraising amounts reported here encompass individual contributions to both the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and joint fundraising committees.

Strategic Use of Funds

The re-election effort was using the money for over 200 field offices and over 1,000 employees within political swing states, which Biden must capture to defeat Trump, a Republican, in November, as reported by Reuters.

Trump has also been fundraising big amounts too. His campaign and the Republican National Committee stated they had collected USD 141 million in May, which is a significant increase from the previous month due to the surge of donations after the hush money payments trial.

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