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40M Face Hail, Wind, Tornadoes as Severe Storms Sweep Central and Eastern US

40M Face Hail, Wind, Tornadoes as Severe Storms Sweep Central and Eastern US40M Face Hail, Wind, Tornadoes as Severe Storms Sweep Central and Eastern US | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Two storm systems are looming over 40 million people across parts of the Central and Eastern US, expected to bring large hail, damaging winds, and even tornadoes.

Which areas are at the greatest risk?

The most endangered region extends from central Texas through southern South Dakota, including cities like Oklahoma City and Kansas City. The most severe thunderstorms are forecasted along the belt from Kansas through South Dakota.

At the start of these storms, winds could reach up to 55 mph from western Nebraska to southwestern Texas and the panhandle. While it will be very dry and hot, the winds will increase the risk of critical fire weather in the region, as reported by CNN.

More about the storm activities

Storms escalated after the onset on Monday and are expected to go eastward in the evening.

Next midnight some thunder weather is expected, so its advised to turn on phone’s emergency weather notifications before going to sleep.

Scientists have found out that tornadoes at night are over than twice as fatal as daytime twisters. Tornadoes arising at night pose a serious threat because they are hard to see (especially in the dark) and those who are sleeping might not be aware of approaching danger.

The weather conditions of eastern North Carolina and Virginia are on Monday expected to have in-store from the earlier weekend storm that also hit this region, parting with little hail and stronger winds.

Weather reports forecast a severe storm threat

By Tuesday, the biggest threat of severe storms moving through southern Wisconsin will shift focus to Louisiana. Initially, the storm will bring strong winds, but there is also a possibility of hail and isolated tornadoes, according to CNN.

The forecast for Tuesday indicates the most concentrated severe weather development corridor will be across the southern parts of Iowa and Missouri during midday and early evening, with a threat of hail and tornadoes.

Flooding alerts in some US areas

Flooding may be one of the biggest problems caused by the storm. On Monday, northern Texas and North Dakota are at risk of inclement weather that could result in excessive rainfall. Tuesday will bring the bulk of the moisture moving eastward, accompanied by a risk of floods, mainly in the Midwest.

The forecasted rainfall amounts are expected to be between 1 and 3 inches in west-central, northeast, and central regions of the country until Wednesday.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, are already dealing with excessive rainfall this month, as more than a dozen river gauges have already reached minor flood stage before the latest episode of rain arrived.

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